The program is now ready!

Thanks to @milkmix_ @sysinsider @newsoft @starbuck3000 @agixid @JonathanSalwan Alexandre Herzog Great job #cybsec16

Trainings and Workshops

  • Improving applications security in practice for Android developers by Jérémy Matos (@SecuringApps)
  • Burp Suite Pro by Nicolas Grégoire (@Agarri_FR)

  • Deep dive into today’s SSL/TLS by Pascal Junod (@cryptopathe)

  • Hardware hacking for beginners by Nicolas Oberli (@baldanos)

  • Web Application Security Lab with


  • Le Bug Bounty au service des entreprises by Korben - Manuel Dorne (@Korben) & Guillaume Vassault-Houlière (@Free_man_)
  • Corporations – the new victims of targeted ransomware by Candid Wüest (@mylaocoon)
  • Reverse engineering Swisscom's Centro Grande modems by Alain Mowat (@plopz0r), Thomas Imbert
  • Exploiting unknown default accounts in SAP systems by Joris van De Vis (@jvis)
  • 15 years building web application defenses by Matthieu Estrade (@mestrade)
  • Swiss data protection act: what's new under the sun ? by Sylvain Métille (@smetille)
  • Why hunting indicators of compromise fails at protecting against targeted attacks by Candid Wüest (@mylaocoon)
  • Introducing Man In The Contacts attack to trick encrypted messaging apps by Jérémy Matos (@SecuringApps)
  • SAML: With Great Power Comes Great Pawnage by Antoine Neuenschwander (@ant0inet), Roland Bischofberger
  • IoT & Sigfox security by Renaud Lifchitz (@nono2357)
  • An abusive relationship between Bluetooth and IoT by Pratap Chandra, Pardhiv Reddy
  • Bug Bounty @ Swisscom by Florian Badertscher
  • Hacking GSM, again?! by Ivan Almuina