What you do matters

The community was created to keep up with the good vibes of the Conference all year long.  We want to offer a rallying point for those of you who are interested with Cyber Security subjects as well as recurring opportunities to meet.  

Join & start to share

We think that many happenings, events and contributions deserve a lot more attention than they actually get.  The Cyber Security Alliance community will promote all the events & contribution YOU wish to share.

Share a contribution

You created a great post or a whitepaper for which you would like some promotion?

Send us the link and tell us about it so that our expert can review it and promote it on our blog.

Share an event

You want us to draw some light on your event? Here is what we can do for you:

  • Add our logo on your event site or collateral and send us the info (link, promo code for the community, program, speakers, location) and we will share it on our blog and in our newsletter.
  • If you just want to share the link on our socials, mention us in your tweet and we will retweet to our followers.

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Become a community Leader

We want to animate this community with experts among you who will be responsible for various areas of expertise. The experts will be selected by our committee but anyone can apply. Each selected person will become the community leader of its field of expertise. The leaders must adhere to the terms & conditions.

What's in it for the community?

As a leader, you will provide us with sound an valuable contributions and reviews on your area of expertise. Your trends watch and advices will help build on the reputation of this community and resonate on the internet sphere to create awareness.

What's in it for you?

You will get exposure and a blog access in order to animate your area of expertise all year long. You will promote events or articles of our community members. You will provide reviews regularly on your subject of matter.

You will get free access to the Cyber Security Alliance Conference and have the opportunity to involved making suggestions for the future tracks.