Our conference aims at connecting communities - Security professionals, Decision Makers, Project Leaders, IT specialists and students - in order to raise awareness around cyber security matters, dimystifying the subject and creating synergies between the academic world and the business world.

Knowledge Transfer

We target all types of companies and professionals offering a vast number of topics, whether business oriented or technical, as well as trainings going from beginners to advanced levels. What matters is that whom ever you are and whatever your level of expertise, we want you get the most out of this unique event.


If you want to get the best out of the conference, we encourage you to participate to the side events and networking opportunities we offer, as our community members account for some of the best security experts around here. 

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CyberSec Conference - #CYBSEC

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We cover most of the hot subjects in Cyber Security matters from application security, to cryptography, threats intelligence, big data, network security, ethical hacking, privacy, critical infrastructures, risk management, cyber-criminality, identity... unveiling challenges facing companies and professionals and opening up debate.

Side events

We offer to our attendees the possibility to extend their experience, participating to side events, namely Capture the Flag (CTF), Startup presentations or contests, which allow them to enlarge their perspective and bring in new ideas and experience.

Networking & Fondue

Our now well-known diner at the chalet and Fondue are great events for those of you coming to Switzerland for a few days, in order to get the best out of networking. This is also an opportunity for the locals to discuss casually and grow your network.


We offer a couple of trainings covering various subjects and levels for professionals to deepen their knowledge or discover new methodologies, for student to test and encourage their motivations.

The conference was created back in 2010 and soon became a very popular event.
Our community gathers more than 400 members.

1st edition - 2010
Geneva Application Security Forum (#GASF)
Université de Genève

2nd edition - 2011
Application Security Forum - Western Switzerland (#ASFWS)
HEIG-VD, Yverdon-les-Bains

3rd edition - 2012
Application Security Forum - Western Switzerland (#ASFWS)
Y-PARC, Yverdon-les-bains

4th edition - 2013
Application Security Forum - Western Switzerland (#ASFWS)
Y-PARC, Yverdon-les-bains

5th edition - 2014
Application Security Forum - Western Switzerland (#ASFWS)
Y-PARC, Yverdon-les-bains

6th edition - 2015
CyberSec Conference (#CYBSEC15)
Y-PARC, Yverdon-les-bains

7th edition - 2016
CyberSec Conference (#CYBSEC16)
Y-PARC, Yverdon-les-bains

8th edition - 2017
No edition this year

Previous speakers and trainers

Andrivet Sébastien

Aumasson J.P.

Bachmann Julien


Thomas Baudelet

Belenko Andrey

Bongard Dominique

Boßlet Martin

Bravo Helen
Head of Product at Checkmarx

Chiesa Raoul
Security Brokers

Candid Wüest


Delpy Benjamin

Fischbach Nicolas

Fontes Antonio

Gioria Sébastien

Gnesa Gianni

Grégoire Nicolas

Herzog Alexandre
CTO of Compass Security

Javed Ashar

Jovanovic Philipp

Joris van De Vis

Junod Pascal

Koch Stéphane

Liechti André

Marcil Jonathan

Maret Sylvain

Métille Sylvain

Nadim Kobeissi

Halvar Flake



Manuel Dorne

Renaud Lifchitz

Oechslin Philippe

Oudot Clément

Fred Raynal

Rinaldini Julien

Ruff Nicolas

Sahil Shah

Sancho David

Schauer Hervé


Philippe Teuwen
(NXP Semiconductors)

Wehrli Johan