We cover most of the hot subjects in Cyber Security matters from application security, to cryptography, threats intelligence, big data, network security, ethical hacking, privacy, critical infrastructures, risk management, cyber-criminality, identity... unveiling challenges facing companies and professionals and opening up debate.

Side events

We offer to our attendees the possibility to extend their experience, participating to side events, namely Capture the Flag (CTF), Startup presentations or contests, which allow them to enlarge their perspective and bring in new ideas and experience.

Networking & Fondue

Our now well-known diner at the chalet and Fondue are great events for those of you coming to Switzerland for a few days, in order to get the best out of networking. This is also an opportunity for the locals to discuss casually and grow your network.


We offer a couple of trainings covering various subjects and levels for professionals to deepen their knowledge or discover new methodologies, for student to test and encourage their motivations.