[C12] "Hacking GSM, again?!"
by Ivan Almuina

Author: Ivan Almuina
Language: French
Country: Switzerland
Date & time: Thurs. 3. nov. - 16:45 to 17:30

During this talk the IMSI-Catchers will be demystified and a new technique will be presented that allows an attacker to intercept a GSM communication even on fully protected networks (padding randomization, SI randomization, authenticated calls/SMS/paging, obfuscated IMSIs in HLRs, etc.).

I propose to talk about a new hacking technique developed at Hacking Corp. that exploits some weaknesses (known and unknown) in the GSM communications. The attack allows to intercept the communications between a BTS and a MS.

The attack is fully automated and is composed of an hardware part with also some software to allow a lambda person to execute it through a user-friendly interface on their cell phone/tablet. The hardware will be plugged through USB.

The presentation will be based on a paper that will extensively talk about the known GSM weaknesses, the IMSI-catchers and also describe the new attack. The document will be released a bit before the presentation (or at the same time).

Finally, a demo will take place during the presentation to show the device and how effective it is at intercepting a communication. For legal purposes (because it will be emitting on unauthorized frequencies) the device and the mobile phone under attack will be inside a tiny faraday cage.

Biography: Ivan Almuina is the Chief Hacking Officer of Hacking Corporation and likes pandas.